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Hello, this is Sung-gi Hong, the CEO of WeHub Corp.

Currently, market trends are changing rapidly as various payment platforms emerge due to the rapid spread of mobile payment methods.
Adapting to such changes can be challenging for merchants, and even when they do, the burden often falls on the merchants in the end.

We aim to help merchants overcome the difficult barrier of adapting to new payment methods in the constantly evolving payment market through 'PAYPLUG', a mobile payment terminal provided as a free application.

As the slogan says, ‘Plug in all the payments in the world’ you can use all payments, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and QR payments, for free using the PAYPLUG app without having to purchase an expensive NFC terminal certified by EMV.

In addition, PAYPLUG can easily carry out marketing by setting targets based on local commercial analysis and card company and telecommunication company data for merchants who are having difficulties with marketing as well as payment services
PAYPLUG will do its best to provide even more help to young people

Thank you
Best regards, WeHub CEO Sung-gi Hong