How can I help you?
If you have any questions or good opinions, please feel free to contact us at any time


How much does PAYPLUG installation cost?

The installation of PAYPLUG is free of charge. You can download and use it without any additional costs such as registration fees or commitments. There are no unnecessary conditions; it's completely free for use.


Is NFC payment possible using PAYPLUG?

PAYPLUG supports NFC payments! As an EMV-certified NFC terminal, it enables payments through Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.


Curious about how to install PAYPLUG

You can download PAYPLUG from the 'Play Store' and use it. To register as a PAYPLUG merchant, you will need some documents. Please leave a message on KakaoTalk Channel Talk or send an email to, and we will provide a friendly and simple explanation of the registration process.


Curious about how to use it PAYPLUG

We have prepared a user manual for the merchants who have joined PAYPLUG, making it easy to understand. You don't need to worry about any difficulties in using it!